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Omaka Springs Estate Grown Pinot Gris is a rich and aromatic wine with a luscious mouth feel.  It is fruit-driven with an appealing honeyed character.  This cool climate, Alsacian-style Gris has a bit of residual sugar to help round out the grapes natural acidity and amplify its tropical aromas. 


Varietal: 100% Pinot Gris
Appellation: Southern Valleys, Marlborough
Vineyard: Kennedys Road and Falveys Road Estate Vineyards
Barrel Aging: Stainless Steel


Pinot Gris

Estate Grown

Foods: Any fruit dessert, as long as it is not sweeter than the wine. Spicy foods such as Asian and Mexican, richly sauced white meats, pork, chicken, and veal, sausages, bratwurst, pâté.
Cheeses: Pungent, tangy, spicy, aromatic, citrus flavours, semi-soft.  Northern French cheeses.
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